Upholstery Cleaning Questions? Hire the Professionals

upholstery cleaning Before diving into upholstery cleaning, you need to know the basics of what it’s made of and how do I clean that material? Sprucing up your furniture for those summer parties makes your home enjoyable but make sure you either know how to care for your furniture when it comes to cleaning or hire a professional that does. From fiber types to cleaning codes, upholstery cleaning has a small learning curve in order to achieve good cleaning results and not damage your precious furniture.

Carpet Cleaning With Ease

carpet cleaning It happens to me fairly often. I’ll be working around the house, go to Home Depot and end up meeting somebody new in the course of my day. When two people strike up a conversation, the conversation always includes “What do you do?”. As I am explaining that I own a small carpet cleaning company, many times my new friend will tell me that he cleans his own carpet with his store bought carpet cleaner, but one day he would like to have us out to his home to get a real quality job on his carpet cleaning.