Oriental Rugs

Carpet Cleaning

Delicate Rugs Require Delicate Service

Expert training, years of experience, and trust are three qualities to factor into your decision of choosing a company for San Antonio oriental rug cleaning. Steamer’s Carpet Care technicians have those qualities and are qualified to handle your most expensive rugs. Feel good about having your oriental rugs professionally cleaned – you have Steamer’s Carpet Care training and experience on your side.

How it Works

Steamer’s technicians will begin by delicately vacuuming your rug, and then clean it with a low moisture process. Any areas that require spot treatment will be treated with the utmost care. If your rug has fringe on the edges, Steamer’s Carpet Care has a special cleaning process to see that the fringe is cleaned without being damaged.

Pickup and Delivery Service

For your convenience, Steamer’s Carpet Care offers customers the option of in-house cleaning as well as pickup and delivery of oriental rugs, which is why you should call us if you need any San Antonio oriental rug cleaning services.

Whether we are cleaning one rug or two dozen, Steamer’s Carpet Care realizes that oriental rugs are more than just a floor covering in a home. Whether it’s a rug you picked up on an exotic trip overseas or one you bought at a local antique furniture retailer, we take tender, loving care of your rug like it was one of our own.