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Utmost Care For Your Area Rugs

Expert training, years of experience, and trust are three qualities to factor into your decision of choosing a company for San Antonio oriental rug cleaning. Steamer’s Carpet Care technicians have those qualities and are qualified to handle your most expensive rugs. Feel good about having your oriental rugs professionally cleaned – you have Steamer’s Carpet Care training and experience on your side.

Affordable “In Home” Area Rug Cleaning

Steamer’s Carpet Care provides in home service for area rug cleaning. What does that mean to you? No longer do you have to pay enormous amounts of money to have your area rugs cleaned, because Steamer’s Carpet Care cleans your area rugs in your home versus taking them to a plant to be cleaned. This service is best for area rugs that have light to medium cleaning needs, and is not for area rugs that have been saturated with pet urine.  For those situations, a pickup and delivery service might be a better choice but almost comes with a very high price tag.

Our technicians will determine the safest way to clean your rug.  Sometimes the area rug can be cleaned in place depending on your flooring situation, and other times our technicians may suggest that we take your area rug out to a clean part of your home such as your driveway to clean. Each situation is different and if we do clean your area rugs in place, you can be assured that the floor underneath is protected because our technicians us a “low moisture” clean to ensure that your area rugs are clean and your floor is protected!

Steamer’s Carpet Care is the answer is you want your area rugs cleaned in your home, and at a very reasonable price.  Call us today for more information!