Does Steamer’s Carpet Care Use Steam to Clean Your Carpets?

Steamer’s Carpet Care is here to discuss whether or not we use steam to professionally clean your carpets. Customers are often surprised to hear our answer is no. Steamer’s Carpet Care actually uses a process called hot water extraction. We learn that the hot water extraction process produces steam and that is where the name Steamer’s Carpet Care is derived. It is ultimately more of a nickname.

Viewers also learn that the hot water extraction process is a terrific method that combines hot water and high pressure to blast out dirt and residue left behind in your carpet. Additionally, Steamer’s Carpet Care prepares your carpet with pre-spray which helps lift up tough dirt, soil and stains before the hot water extraction. This is our tried and true method which results in the freshest, cleanest carpets possible.

For more questions, or to schedule a “steam cleaning,” reach out to our friendly staff at Steamer’s Carpet Care at, or give us a call at (210) 654-7700.