Upholstery Cleaning Questions? Hire the Professionals

Upholstery Cleaning Questions? Hire the Professionals

upholstery cleaningBefore diving into upholstery cleaning, you need to know the basics of what it’s made of and how do I clean that material? Sprucing up your furniture for those summer parties makes your home enjoyable but make sure you either know how to care for your furniture when it comes to cleaning or hire a professional that does. From fiber types to cleaning codes, upholstery cleaning has a small learning curve in order to achieve good cleaning results and not damage your precious furniture.

Upholstery Cleaning Basics

There are many different upholstery types, but for purposes of this discussion, we’ll go over the basics. Synthetic fibers are common and provide style and comfort combined with the ease of keeping it clean due to durability. Most can be cleaned with a water based cleaner. Natural upholstery fibers provide a very stylish and warm look but caution needs to be used to make sure that water stains, shrinkage, and color loss do not occur when cleaning.

Not So Basic Upholstery Cleaning

Some upholstery is a blend of both synthetic and natural fibers, and is usually associated with upholstery cleaning that requires professionals. Microfiber has been a popular choice over the last decade because of its smooth look combined with ease of cleaning. The material is made to hold the soiling loosely so that most times a good vacuuming will be all that is needed to get the upholstery looking clean again. If that does not work, call a professional for more information and options.

Always Check the Codes Before Cleaning Upholstery

Basically, upholstery cleaning is dictated by a few different codes that tell the upholstery cleaning company how to clean the fabric. Here are the most common codes:

W – Wet cleaning. This doesn’t mean that you can put it in the bathtub, it just means that a water based cleaner used properly should do the job.
S – Dry solvent based cleaning. These special cleaners do not contain any water and are used to clean this type of fabric.
SW – Either method above can be used.
X – Do not use any method other than light vacuuming and light brushing to remove soiling. A professional would be best for this type of cleaning.

Upholstery Cleaning Requires Care

In the end, upholstery cleaning requires care and caution to get the best results and not end up damaging a beautiful piece of furniture. Never over wet a fabric even if the code is “W”, and also be careful not to overdo it in the scrubbing department. Scrubbing is sometimes a dirty word when associated with upholstery or carpet cleaning because of the damage it can do to the fibers. So instead of scrubbing vigorously, use an upholstery brush and/or towel, but then use strokes that are similar to massaging the area to be cleaned. Never scrub vigorously and always check to make sure that the fibers of the upholstery are not being damaged.

If you are in need of upholstery cleaning, call Steamer’s Carpet Care. We have trained professionals that know upholstery cleaning types and cleaning codes. We can send out a crew to get your furniture and upholstery looking great again!

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