Carpet Cleaning With Ease

Carpet Cleaning With Ease

carpet cleaning It happens to me fairly often. I’ll be working around the house, go to Home Depot and end up meeting somebody new in the course of my day. When two people strike up a conversation, the conversation always includes “What do you do?”. As I am explaining that I own a small carpet cleaning company, many times my new friend will tell me that he cleans his own carpet with his store bought carpet cleaner, but one day he would like to have us out to his home to get a real quality job on his carpet cleaning.

Good Carpet Cleaning Equipment Combined with Experience

It’s true that carpet cleaning with truck-mounted equipment does a superior job at cleaning carpet if done by an experienced technician. Truck-mounted equipment offers two things the home units cannot – heat and suction. Heat is important because it breaks the soil down where it can be rinsed away into the dirty water tank of the van. Suction is important because if moisture is left in the carpet, spot wicking can occur. But even with the best equipment, never ignore the importance of an experienced technician. An experienced carpet cleaner combines the knowledge of stains and stain removal techniques with cleaning skills, and makes what many clients believe is pure magic. It really is the most important part of the equation. No rental, or store bought machine can come close to the results of a professional carpet cleaner using a truck-mounted unit.

Professional Carpet Cleaning – The Best Part

So with the above said, a natural response might be … well that’s all well and good, but it’s just too expensive. Or, I don’t have all day to wait for my carpet to get cleaned. Both statements would be false! Reputable companies will give you a fair price over the phone that you can take to the bank because you know it is not going to change once the technicians arrive. Also, that price should represent routine maintenance because carpet cleaning is routine maintenance. Carpet cleaning is not an investment, it is not something that you should have to take out a loan for, it is something you just need to do from time to time, and the cost should reflect that point of view. And what about waiting around all day? A good company should give you a one-hour window of when their technician’s will arrive so you will not have to wait all day for a carpet cleaning. With two experienced technicians, your job should also not take all day either. Most jobs with our company take around two hours.

Call Steamer’s Carpet Care

At Steamer’s Carpet Care, we use truck-mounted units and we have experienced technicians that have years of experience with our company. They are good at what they do, and they are also polite and respectful too. And while you are having your carpet cleaned, ask our technicians about our upholstery cleaning! Our upholstery cleaning experience will get your upholstery looking great! We serve San Antonio, New Braunfels, Boerne, Bulverde, Canyon Lake, and Seguin. Call Steamer’s Carpet Care today!

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