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Experienced Carpet Cleaning
San Antonio

Steamer’s Carpet Care is an experienced company that has been providing carpet cleaning in San Antonio and surrounding areas for over ten years. We are fortunate to have the basic core group of employees that have been with us since our earlier years, and their experience and willingness to complete the job to your satisfaction translates to an excellent carpet cleaning experience.

Steamer’s Carpet Care 14-Step Carpet Cleaning Process

We were the first San Antonio carpet cleaning company to communicate to our customers what we do on every job with our multi-step process. It’s what our company was built on.

1. Pre-Inspection

The technicians will walk with you through your home to visually inspect the carpet. They will listen to your concerns and talk to you about the potential permanent staining that may exist. They will also listen to you as to which furniture you would like us to move.

2. Vacuum Carpet

Vacuuming is one of the most important steps in carpet cleaning. Removing the dry soil particles is vital before steam cleaning.

3. Pre-Condition Carpet

The assistant technician will apply an emulsifier pre-conditioner to the carpet to break down the soil and spots on the carpet.

4. Prepping Areas & Moving Furniture

Our technicians can move sofas, loveseats, chairs, tables and other smaller items. We leave beds, dressers, any piece of furniture containing electronics, china cabinets, and large formal dining room tables in place.

5. Agitation Of Carpet

For areas that need extra attention, we will agitate the carpet in order to help further break down the soil.

6. Pre-Treatment Of Spots & Stains

Spots and stains are pre-treated with special spot removal cleaning solutions.

7. Baseboard Crevice Vacuum

This is done separately from vacuuming the carpet. Before our technician begins to steam clean a room, the technician will use the vacuum hose from the wand to vacuum the crevices between the carpet and the baseboards.

8. Truck-Mounted Deep Steam Extraction

We use powerful truck mounted hot water extraction system to clean the carpet. Our experienced lead technicians will do this without over soaking the carpet.

9. Carpet Rinse & Neutralization

This is where you can be guaranteed that the carpet has been properly rinsed and pH balanced so that there is no sticky residue and your carpet is left feeling soft and clean. This step actually occurs in combination with the previous step.

10. Post Spot Inspection

Any spots that can be removed with some additional attention will be addressed by our assistant technician.

11. Setup Of Carpet Fans For Faster Drying

Our assistant technician will setup specialized carpet cleaning air movers to assist in optimal drying.

12. Deodorize Carpet

Carpet cleaning will leave the carpet smelling fresh, but we add an extra step and apply a general deodorizer to the carpet.

13. Fluff Rake & Grooming Of Carpet

We use a professional carpet groomer to groom your carpet after cleaning. Grooming the carpet gets the carpet fibers to stand up to allow for faster drying.

14. Post-Inspection

Our lead technician will walk with you through the home to review the carpet cleaning results and to make sure that you are completely thrilled with the job.


Steamer’s Carpet Care also uses shoe covers, corner guards (to protect the corners of your walls from our hoses), and styrofoam blocks to protect your carpet and furniture after we have cleaned underneath each piece. Steamer’s Carpet Care also offers a one-week guarantee, so you can be assured that we will be back if there are any issues. Contact us today to get your carpets looking brand new!