Air Duct Cleaning:  Should I Do It?

Air Duct Cleaning When our phone rings for air duct cleaning, the caller usually starts out with “I would like to get a quote for air cleaning … we dust and dust our furniture, but the dust just comes right back”. Upon giving the customer a quote for air duct cleaning, I give them some information about how we clean air ducts and also give them some other options for dust removal as well. Although I will go over below the importance of getting your air ducts periodically cleaned, many people overlook that keeping their carpet vacuumed and professionally cleaned about once a year is also very important for dust removal. But if the call is a typical air duct cleaning call, they already vacuum their carpet regularly and also get professional carpet cleaning too. So for them, the next step in the game of process of elimination is air duct cleaning.

Eliminate Dust with Air Duct Cleaning

air duct cleaning Numerous air ducts run throughout a home, from the air-conditioning system to laundry-dryer vents. Although air rushes through these   areas, dust will still settle in tiny crevices over time. To keep the home as clean as possible, residents should consider air duct cleaning in   San Antonio and the surrounding areas as a clever way to eliminate dust particles.

[caption id="attachment_2955" align="alignright" width="300"] Air duct cleaning might be the answer to your dust problems, but carpet cleaning could be the less expensive option with possibly better results.[/caption] A call that we frequently get is what to do about excessive dust. Usually, a client tells us...