Air Duct Cleaning: Should I do it?

Air Duct Cleaning:  Should I Do It?

Air Duct Cleaning When our phone rings for air duct cleaning, the caller usually starts out with “I would like to get a quote for air cleaning … we dust and dust our furniture, but the dust just comes right back”. Upon giving the customer a quote for air duct cleaning, I give them some information about how we clean air ducts and also give them some other options for dust removal as well. Although I will go over below the importance of getting your air ducts periodically cleaned, many people overlook that keeping their carpet vacuumed and professionally cleaned about once a year is also very important for dust removal. But if the call is a typical air duct cleaning call, they already vacuum their carpet regularly and also get professional carpet cleaning too. So for them, the next step in the game of process of elimination is air duct cleaning.

Air Duct Cleaning and Air Quality

It’s true that the contaminants that we bring into our homes get picked up by our HVAC system and over time begins to build up in our air duct system. Is it a sign of a completely unhealthy home? Not necessarily, but for some people it may by unhealthy. Build up in an air duct system may harbor contaminants that could be harmful to people with respiratory diseases, immune system problems, and people that have severe allergies. Now as far as cleaning goes, dirty air ducts are a part of your home that needs to be cleaned as you would for the other parts of the home. Clean air ducts contribute to a clean home, and that includes dust control. The rule of thumb is that if your air ducts look dirty, then there is a pretty good chance that they are dirty. It is time to get them cleaned.

Why Hiring A Professional Air Duct Cleaner Is Important

The air duct industry, like every other industry, is full of scammers waiting to prey on people that are in search of cheap prices, but usually end up with a price that is anything but cheap. The most typical scam is a low coupon rate that seems too good to be true. The technician disappears into the attic and returns to tell the client that their air duct system is full of mold, but for a little more than a grand, the company can install a mold removal system that will cure the problem. I have personally known clients of ours that have experienced this first hand, and have told me that the technician never even opened up the air duct system to look inside. Don’t fall for it because it is a scam.

At Steamer’s Carpet Care, we are a professional company and have experienced technicians that have years of experience with our company. They are professionals, polite, and respectful. Our company uses the Rotobrush method to clean air ducts. We will remove and clean your vent covers, and then using the patented Rotobrush machine, we will brush out your air ducts to leave your sytem clean and healthy. Steamer’s Carpet Care provides air duct cleaning in San Antonio, New Braunfels, Boerne, Bulverde, Canyon Lake, and Seguin. Call Steamer’s Carpet Care today!

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