The New Year Is The Right Time For A Clean House

To me, January 10 feels more like the New Year than January 1.  With the weather this week in San Antonio, from record freezing temperatures to warm rainy weather, I am so happy to be moving to what we are used to in San Antonio … warm sunshine!  Now I feel like we are really starting a brand new year rather than just braving one.

So that brings me to the reason for my New Year blog post, which is about starting off the new year with a beautiful house.  We like to say that after you’ve cleaned your carpet, tile, upholstery, and air ducts, your spring cleaning is 90% done!  What a difference you will see, smell, and feel!

So start off the New Year with a clean house!  Call Steamer’s Carpet Care at (210) 654-7700 or (830) 606-8400 to schedule your appointment.  Happy New Year!