Choosing A Carpet Cleaning Company

There’s a dirty little secret about service industries, including the carpet cleaning industry. Actually, most customers are familiar with the secret, so it’s not much of a secret at all. And yet it still goes on every day. What’s the secret? It’s the underhanded business technique of acquiring customers by advertising one price, and then getting inside the home and turning the entire situation around by claiming that the advertised price was for the basic cleaning, but your carpet needs a deep cleaning, which of course costs a lot, lot more. In other words, the classic bait and switch. How companies see this as a good business model just amazes me. But it still happens every day. And many carpet cleaning companies live by it. The philosophy does not allow for repeat customers because customers are understandably angry, but the lure of beefing up the ticket proves to be irresistible for many service companies.

At Steamer’s Carpet Care, we realized a long time ago that carpet cleaning was not a restorative home project, but regular maintenance that should be done from time to time. As such, carpet cleaning should be priced affordably, and companies that provide carpet cleaning should serve their customers in a manner that is courteous and consistent in quality. In other words, do a good honest job every time. Steamer’s Carpet Care strives to live by the standards. We are here for the long run, and we believe that our service must be built on honesty and integrity. We are not perfect, but our service is geared towards what is good for the customer, not the carpet cleaner. And we stand by our work.

If you want a carpet cleaning company that is honest and customer focused, call Steamer’s Carpet Care today at (210) 654-7700 or (830) 606-8400. We’ll schedule our friendly technicians to come out to your home or business and clean whatever you want cleaned. Steamer’s Carpet Care offers carpet cleaning, tile & grout cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and air duct cleaning.  And we’ll clean your home in an honest manner that you will appreciate!