Carpet Cleaning For Clean Carpet

Okay, I know that the title may sound a little ironic, but I want to share a personal story with you about why I’m glad I had all of the carpet cleaned in my home. As the owner of Steamer’s Carpet Care, you can imagine that it’s not hard for me to arrange for my carpet to get cleaned. Easy enough. But in our home, there never seems to be a reason to clean the carpet.  For one, we take off our shoes before going onto the carpet and we follow the number one best thing you can do for carpet … we vacuum regularly.  And we never, never ever take drinks or food other than water past our kitchen, so spills and stains just don’t exist on our carpet.

But as a professional carpet cleaner, I know that it’s important to the life and durability of my carpet to have it frequently cleaned. So last week I sent one of our crews over to clean a sofa & loveseat that I was planning to sell, and I told the guys to go ahead and clean the carpet while they were there. Our crews got there about 8:30 am and went right to work, doing all of our 14-step process to get my carpet clean. On a side note, I’m always amazed as to how meticulous my technicians are with their trade and craft. When you have employees that have been cleaning carpet for over ten years, their touch and ease of cleaning is fun to experience.  Carpet cleaning is an art.  And our technicians have spent years getting really good at their trade. But back to my carpet. When I got home, the carpet that I thought was so clean because of my family’s good habits, was really not as clean as I thought, because the carpet I came home to was bright and looked like brand new carpet. I was thrilled with my clean carpet, and so happy that I had told my guys to clean it!

So the moral of the story is this … even if you are the neatest person in the world, and you never take food or drinks on your carpet, your carpet will still get dirty. Dust and micro soiling ends up making your carpet a darker shade of its original color. It may happen gradually so you don’t notice, but it does happen. It’s a very smart decision to schedule carpet cleaning even if your carpet appears to be clean! Call Steamer’s Carpet Care today at (210) 654-7700 or (830) 606-8400, to schedule a friendly technician to come clean your carpet and make that carpet that you thought was clean, actually clean!