You have a magic carpet…

You have a magic carpet…

There are quite a few magic carpet stories, songs and movies out there today. One of the first pop culture uses of the carpet that comes to mind is the 1968’s smash hit rock-n-roll jam “Magic Carpet Ride” by Steppenwolf. Then of course, there’s the romantic duet “A Whole New World” from the 1992 film Aladdin. As anyone with kids from the 90s will tell you, “A Whole New World” is performed while Aladdin and Jasmine ride atop the film’s magic carpet, nicknamed “Carpet.”

But perhaps my favorite use of the magic carpet is in poet Shel Silverstein’s book A Light in the Attic. One of the poems in the book reads:

Magic Carpet

You have a magic carpet
That will whiz you through the air,
To Spain or Maine or Africa
If you just tell it where.
So will you let it take you
Where you’ve never been before,
Or will you buy some drapes to match
And use it
On your

Like many of Silverstein’s poems, “Magic Carpet” has appeal for both child and adult audiences. In the one sense, it encourages children to go on their own imaginary adventures. In another sense, it calls on adults to reclaim their childlike sense of wonderment with life’s ordinary objects. After all, why shouldn’t a carpet be magical? Why should it just be a home fixture?

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