Tips for Keeping Carpet Clean

Steamer’s Carpet Care Owner, Jon Bibb, is here to answer some common questions from customers. Today’s carpet cleaning topic is “Tips for Keeping Carpet Clean.” See the video for Jon’s answer.

Jon shares, that first and foremost, vacuuming is the most essential part of maintaining the life of your carpet. Jon explains, in his own household, he vacuums his carpet twice a week. He realizes that each homeowner is different, so he recommends finding a vacuuming schedule that works for your individual household in order to vacuum frequently based on your needs. Jon’s second tip for keeping carpet clean is to never use the powdered deodorizers on your carpet. He shares, all too often, his technicians find a large amounts of residue from the powdered carpet deodorizers left behind all of the time. The long exposure to those chemicals are not healthy for you or your carpet. Last, Jon explains his third tip for keeping carpet clean is when you get a carpet stain, be sure to follow the instructions for cleaning spills/stains provided on He encourages listeners to not use the heavy chemical cleaners sold in stores. Those often contain a bleaching agent that could ruin your carpet. Simply follow the instructions provided on the Steamer’s website.

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