Carpet Cleaning: Is Steaming Your Carpet More Effective?

carpet cleaning companies, pet odor removal, carpet cleaning Traditional shampoo methods of cleaning carpets are quickly becoming extinct. While there are a time and place for shampooing carpets, steam cleaning is easily becoming the preferred method for carpet cleaning companies in San Antonio. Not only will fewer chemicals be used, but your carpet will also be cleaned more deeply by the steaming method. However, there is also a big difference between steaming your carpet yourself and having a professional do it. Here are some considerations to make regarding steam carpet cleaning in San Antonio.

Steam Cleaning Removes Bacteria

Professional deep carpet cleaning uses heat and goes deep down into the carpet to clean every fiber. Bacteria growth can form in carpets but will be quickly eliminated with a steam cleaning application. But you may be wondering how the moisture from the steam doesn’t promote more bacteria growth. The answer is the steam dries quickly, and a professional carpet cleaning service in San Antonio will ensure the carpet is dry enough to prevent further bacterial growth when they complete the job.

Harmful Chemicals Are Avoided

While some chemicals may be used to get a deep clean and kill off bacteria, the steam cleaning method generally avoids the most harmful chemicals. If you need pet odor removal services, there will likely be chemicals used to remove the strong odors. However, the chemicals used today are safe for people and pets to walk on immediately after they are applied.

The Best Services Use Steam Carpet Cleaningcarpet cleaning, carpet cleaning service

The best carpet cleaning companies in San Antonio have the high-end equipment needed to do a great job steam cleaning your carpets. This is the difference between using a professional service and doing it yourself. There are many things that can go wrong when you attempt to steam clean your own carpets. Turning to a professional in these situations can save you a lot of time and money, not to mention making your carpets look better than ever before.


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