Should you Have your Chimney Cleaned?

Should you Have your Chimney Cleaned?

It’s almost July, which means that you’re (probably) done using your chimney until the cold months settle in again. However, you might not know if it’s necessary to have a chimney inspection or cleaning and what the benefits of having such services performed may be. Chimney cleaning is one of the many services we offer at Steamer’s Carpet Care, and we can offer you some valuable information on choosing to have your chimney cleaned.


Should I Have my Chimney Cleaned?

  • When Was Your Chimney Last Cleaned Or Inspected? — The most important factor in deciding whether you should have your chimney cleaned soon or not is how long ago you had professionals check out your chimney. Most chimney cleaning experts highly recommend that homeowners have their chimneys cleaned or at least inspected at least once a year, simply for regular upkeep and safety reasons.

  • Creosote Buildup — Chances are you’ve never heard of creosote before, but creosote can cause a lot of trouble for homeowners. Formed as a byproduct of the burning of wood or coal, creosote is a tar substance that builds up in your chimney if not cleaned. Excessive creosote can negatively impact the overall efficiency of your chimney by reducing fireplace draw or can cause smoke to billow into the room rather than up the flue and chimney. Additionally, creosote can be dangerous, as it is a significant cause of many chimney fires.

  • Summer And Early Fall Are the Best Months — The scheduling of this article is no coincidence. Many people wait until right before the winter to get their chimney cleaned, which can mean a delay in service (and getting to light a nice cozy fire)!

Do you have questions about deciding if you need a chimney cleaning, or our chimney cleaning service? You can always contact Steamer’s Carpet Care with any questions regarding any of our many services or to schedule an appointment for any of our services, too.