Repairing a Burn Mark in Your Carpet

Accidents happen. Sometimes a lamp falls over and the lightbulb burns your carpet, or you drop an iron or a lit cigarette and it leaves a burn mark. Whatever the accident is, burn marks in your carpet aren’t visually appealing to you and certainly not to guests. While you could opt to have it replaced, there is a way in to repair the carpet instead of shelling out the cash for an expensive team to come and replace it. Disclaimer: This is by no means a professional treatments-  it’s more of a home remedy, but here are the steps below:


  1. Use a Razor or Exacto-Knife to Remove the Burnt Carpet Fibers — As the step says, you should find some sort of sharp tool to remove the burnt fibers and just the burnt fibers from the top of the carpet. If at all possible, leave the rest of the fiber intact.

  2. Find An Area of Hidden Carpet and Remove the Fibers — Pick an area that isn’t visible to the public eye. A piece of carpet under a rug or a couch for example work well. Use your tool to remove carpet fibers from this area. Just be sure you’re not going to want to move that couch a month from now!

  3. Superglue Your Fibers to the Burnt Area — Place a small amount of superglue on the area that was burnt. Then take the carpet fibers you removed from the hidden area and glue them to this burnt area. These will replace the burnt area and (hopefully) conceal your problem.

  4. Wait Until Dry and Make the Proper Adjustments — Wait until the superglue dries and the fibers have bonded to their new home before you try and make any sort of changes. The first thing you may want to do is “ruffle” the carpet a little bit to make the area look less noticeable. if there is a disparity between the old fibers and the new fibers adjust the tops of the new fibers by cutting them with your knife to match the height.


If all goes well, then your carpet should appear fairly normal to the unseasoned carpet expert. Of course, there are many other ways to hide a burn mark, including reinstallation and hiding the area with a rug.

If you have any questions about burn marks or their removal, or if you would like to schedule a cleaning with one of our certified technicians, please contact Steamer’s Carpet Care for any and all of your floor cleaning needs!