A Quick Guide to Getting Your Home Ready for Carpet Cleaners

carpet cleaners Getting your carpet cleaned by a professional can be very satisfying. Not only do you not have to do the work yourself, but it will be performed much more thoroughly most of the time. However, to make the most of your carpet cleaning visit, there are a few things you can do. Professional carpet cleaners will always get the job done the right way, but by preparing ahead of time, you’ll help them to be more efficient.



Remove Any Valuable or Fragile Items

If you don’t want a particular item to get damaged or broken, just remove it from the room completely. You may have to clear out your garage to store different items like lamps, picture frames, vases, candles and other valuable or fragile items. Professional carpet cleaners use long hoses and heavy equipment, so it would make their job easier if they didn’t have to worry about breaking a valuable item.


Pick Up Items From The Floor

Even something as simple as a pair of shoes on the floor can cause delays for a technician. The best companies will move items out of their way with no complaints, but they will get to the task at hand quicker if they have a clear area to work with right when they walk into the room.


House Your Pets Appropriately

The equipment used can be a little noisy and startle your pets. Not only that, but they may need to run hoses or cords from outside of the house to the inside, so a door or window will be open during the cleaning. In order to prevent your pet from running off, put them in a kennel that is out of the way, let them run around in the back yard or take them to a neighbor’s house so they will be safe while your carpets are being cleaned.


Find Trouble Areas and Point Out to the Carpet Cleaners

Once you’ve picked up everything from the floors, do a quick walk-through so you can point out any areas of particular concern to the technicians. If you know your pet urinated in certain areas on the floor, be sure to tell the them about it so they can address it accordingly. They will be able to notice obvious stains, but it will help them do their job better if you point out problem areas before they start working.


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