Preparing for a Complete Home Carpet Cleaning Service

Preparing for a Complete Home Carpet Cleaning Service

Preparing for a Complete Home Carpet Cleaning Service
carpet cleaning san antonioCarpet and rug cleaning services in San Antonio are clever strategies when you want to protect carpets, rugs and other flooring details. These materials contribute to a property’s overall value to both owners and prospective buyers. At least once a year, the entire home should be cleaned. Do your research for the top rated carpet cleaning companies, examine the details surrounding a whole-home carpet cleaning service and how to prepare for it, then make the call to schedule an appointment.

Plan a Day Trip

Regardless of the property’s size, any complete home carpet cleaning service will take at least one day to complete. It’s preferable for the family to be out of the home during this process. Professionals need access to every room at once because several workers might service the same job. They’ll pull in their machines, activate and run them for most of the day. Simply greet the workers in the morning. The family can leave after every detail is confirmed between the parties. Homeowners will return to a home that smells and looks brand new once again.

Verify Furniture Details

Before the workers even arrive, residents should ask about furniture details. Does the company move all necessary furniture during the carpet cleaning process? Customers may have certain delicate items that they wish to move themselves and should have this done prior to the carpet cleaning company arriving at the property. All of these details simply need verification beforehand, which helps everyone with organization and service satisfaction.

Discuss Specific Property Features

Every property has unique features that might be considered obstacles by service professionals. Stairs, narrow hallways and other details should be discussed well before the service. Professionals might visit the home to have a better idea of the situation too. Being transparent about any obstacles gives the service provider a chance to quote the customer with as much accuracy as possible. No surprise for either party is the goal. In some cases, residents may want the workers to skip certain areas, such as a carpeted closet. These details refine the estimate and make the carpet cleaning service easier to manage.

Consider Drying Times

Servicing carpets and rugs means adding water and detergent to the fibers. Workers use a vacuum machine in order to pull most of the moisture out of the flooring, but it won’t be instantly dry. Residents should prepare for some extra drying time. The service provider might open windows on a warm day, or they may bring in industrial blowers to hasten the drying process. Ideally, the floor should be completely dry by the time that residents return to the home. Stepping on wet carpets will only create problems after a thorough cleaning.

Prepare Pets and Plants Before Carpet Cleaning

Leaving the family pet at home during the cleaning process will only frighten the animal and hinder the workers’ progress across the floor. Take the pet to a neighbor’s home or board them with a professional service. Plants can remain in the home because the cleaning agents aren’t toxic to them. Any plants that are dripping leaves or other debris, however, should be removed from the area. Workers can’t continually return to a room because soil or leaves continue to drop onto the floor.

It’s possible to streamline any carpet cleaning by hiring professionals more often. Spot cleaning is a service that’s quick, cost effective and reduces the damage on floors between whole-home treatment services. From complete home to specific room cleaning, regular appointments will only preserve the floor for many years to come.

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