Preparing for Carpet Cleaning Services in San Antonio

Preparing for Carpet Cleaning Services in San Antonio

Preparing for Carpet Cleaning Services in San Antonio
carpet cleaning services in san antonio, carpet cleaningA smart and simple way to extend the life of your carpet is through regular cleaning appointments with a San Antonio carpet cleaner. When professionals are on the job, the carpet fibers receive a deep cleaning that goes all the way down to the supportive base. Ideally, the average household should hire cleaners at least once a year. Preparing for carpet cleaning services in San Antonio only takes a few extra steps.

Nail Down an Appointment Time

When residents consider carpet cleaning for their San Antonio home, they’ll need to contact the professionals for a specific appointment. This scheduled time is normally in the morning so that there’s enough time for the workers to complete the project with an ample drying period afterward. Initially, the professionals will visit the home, offer an estimate and schedule the time as quickly as possible. These estimates are normally good for about 30 days, depending on the company. Quotes may change if new stains that are significant in size appear on the carpet.


Vacuum the Home

It’s true that the professionals will vacuum the residence before they begin their work. However, residents should still do their part before the appointment time arrives. Vacuum the carpets and slide furniture to the side. Take a critical look at the carpet. Furniture often hides unknown stains for years. Consider the extra step of vacuuming out the air-conditioning ducts and vents. Cleaning these areas removes extra dust that might settle in the home after the carpet cleaning process. Residents don’t want a clean carpet and then end up soiling it with dirt filtered through the HVAC system.

Pull Up Rugs

Carpet cleaners can perform both carpet and rug cleaning during an appointment, but this service is normally an extra fee. If residents strictly want the household carpets cleaned, they should pull up any rugs from the floor. This simple courtesy makes carpet cleaning services in San Antonio as easy as possible for the professionals. Residents may want to clean the rugs themselves so that the floor is perfectly clean as a whole when all of the services are taken care of by the cleaners.

Pinpoint Key Stains

As residents go through their home with vacuuming and pickup processes, they should also pinpoint key stains. In fact, creating a diagram of the stains is a smart idea so that no spot goes untreated. Show this diagram to the professionals so that they can ensure that every area is treated as thoroughly as possible. Some stains might be so well hidden that even the professionals will overlook their location. Diagramming the information will only improve the appointment for every party.

Create a Family Outing Event After Carpet Cleaning Services in San Antonio

Depending on the home’s size, the cleaning process might take one hour or more. Residents should create a day plan so that they can allow the property to dry as long as possible. A day trip to a theme park or relative’s house might be in order. At day’s end, the carpet should be dry enough to walk on. The cleaners will also have enough space to move around the home without extra people walking in the hallways.

Follow the post visit advice offered by the carpet cleaning professionals, such as airing out the home with open windows. This advice will often change based on the season’s temperatures. Summertime heat will often dry a carpet much quicker than the winter period, for instance. By doing this, the home will have a carpet that’s perfectly clean for every family member.

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