Kids back in school? Great; schedule that carpet cleaning!

Kids back in school? Great; schedule that carpet cleaning!

carpet cleaning, pet odor removalBack-to-school time is the perfect time to schedule a carpet cleaning. Your carpet has just survived the kids and the pets on summer vacation for almost three months and could really use some TLC. Your carpets must hold up under a lot of pressure. Furniture, foot traffic and other pressures will wear down on the carpet unless the family puts its care first.

Carpet Cleaning: Time it Right

Summertime in San Antonio brings warm weather, ice cream and trips out to the backyard. Although these items are certainly enjoyable, the carpets don’t look or smell very good afterward. A family might need pet odor removal in the home as Fido gets too excited after pool time. As the kids head off to school, the house is relatively empty and free from foot traffic. Now is the time to hire a professional carpet cleaning company to come in and complete a job without hindering the kids’ fun.

Special Household Issues

Many households have more than one pet. A dog and cat might reside at the same residence with a bird in a cage too. These homes need frequent pet odor removal. A family might be dedicated to cleaning up after the pet, but there might be other accidents that no one in the home was aware of. As a result, the carpet will eventually emit a foul scent. Hire those pet odor removal professionals after school starts and several other times during the year. The family will notice the difference in the scent around the home.

The Big Picture

Caring for your carpet is key to its lifespan yet it is still something in the household that is commonly overlooked. It’s easy to let the carpet go for a few years but this length of time allows the carpet materials to break down very quickly decreasing it lifespan.

Scheduling a carpet cleaning appointment once the kids are back in school begins is a simple way to remind yourself that this task is important and needs to be done. Frequent cleaning processes actually extend the life of your carpet. Mold and other growths can’t develop within the material which allows the carpet to look and smell better for a longer period of time. A family can add several more years to their carpet’s life as a result.

Professional carpet cleaning should be scheduled at least once a year but if you have a family pet or multiple pets, you may want to consider a twice a year cleaning. This consistent scheduling will keep your carpet looking and smelling fresh as well as reducing the need to replace the carpet before its expected lifespan.

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