It’s Just Dust

Dust. All it takes is the mention of this single word to make clean freaks cringe and sinuses begin to panic. Unfortunately, dust isn’t going away anytime soon. As long as there is still air circulating in your home and there are variables in the environment (i.e. pets, guests, and seasonal changes) then dust will continue to appear. The way you tackle the dust will determine how much hassle it will bring you in the long run.

Tips on cleaning the dust in your room, then letting us handle the rest!

Tips on cleaning the dust in your room, then letting us handle the rest!

It is important to tidy up. On top of just having an organized living environment, cleaning up your rooms and putting things back where they belong will help locate dusty areas that you maybe weren’t aware of and will make it overall easier to wipe the place down. Once you’re ready to get down to business, make sure you have the essential tools. Anything with a cotton absorption factor is key. Try using an old cotton T-shirt cut up into rags for excellent dust collecting. Use this on flat surfaces and try a feather duster for more hard to reach crevices.

It is important to dust from top to bottom. For those readers familiar with the basic law of physics and theory of gravity you understand that dust is made of particles, particles contain mass, and mass falls. Therefore, the dust you don’t trap at the top of your room off of fan blades and light fixtures will tumble its way down to lower shelves and coffee tables. Efficient dusting will save you a repetitive headache and for some an allergen nightmare.

Always remember that when dirt and dust settle into your carpet it can easily become a lost cause. Steamers Carpet Care specializes in deep carpet cleaning while upkeeping the integrity and appearance of your carpet. Be sure to schedule your appointment with Steamers Carpet Care soon in order to rid your rooms of that deep settled dust.