Go Spurs Go!


GO SPURS GO! How lucky we are to have the San Antonio Spurs!

Here in San Antonio, we have been blessed for a number of years by having the best team in all of sports reside here in San Antonio. The San Antonio Spurs have done more for this city than can honestly be measured. From an economic impact, to great entertainment, to something that we as citizens can all bond and rally behind, the Spurs impact is incredible.

I could spend a lot of time talking about how it all came together years ago but I will just hit the highlights. The day we won the first pick and were able to get Tim Duncan was an incredible day. I believe the leaders of the city knew it was an important day, but I don’t think that any of them realized just how important it would end up being for the city of San Antonio. Add to the recipe an incredibly wise owner and general manager with Peter Holt and RC Buford, and the rest of the players, many of them overlooked by other teams such as Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili, were discovered and also became heroes of our city. And let’s not forget the man that was already in place before Tim, Tony, and Manu came along … David Robinson. We all know what an incredible player and person he has been. There are many more that I have not mentioned, both past and present players that we all continue to enjoy! Lastly, San Antonio has a coach that will go down as one of the best coaches of all time with Greg Popovich. ¬†Coach Pop was recently voted as one of the top 50 world leaders by Fortune Magazine. How can we go wrong with that type of leadership!

I could write forever about how lucky we are to have the San Antonio Spurs in our city, but I will end by saying what an incredible inspiration they can be for anybody trying to run a business. Their formula is not one that everybody can execute because it is rooted in values and nothing else. Hard work, dedication to excellence, humbleness, discipline, consistency, appreciation of others, are among just a few. The team also adheres to good moral standards without the “look at me” syndrome. They just do it. As an owner of a San Antonio carpet cleaning company, I believe the San Antonio Spurs are a great organization to emulate. I think most people can agree with that statement!

So when Coach Pop gets the boys ready tonight against our old rival up the road … all I can say is GO SPURS GO!