Experienced Professionals

photo 2

Matt, TJ, Bobby, & Jimmy

Steamer’s Carpet Care is proud of its employees! Here are a couple of pictures of employees who have been with the company for over five years. The four technicians shown had never worked for a carpet cleaning company before Steamer’s Carpet Care, and started as carpet cleaning apprentices and then worked their way to being lead carpet cleaning technicians. Each technician pictured joined Steamer’s Carpet Care in the same year and have been here for almost eight years! Their teamwork is superb and the level of carpet cleaning experience of each of these technicians is very high since each has cleaned thousands of homes and businesses.

photo 1

Maria & Irene

Maria and Irene also have both been with Steamer’s Carpet Care for over five years. Maria joined the company in 2005 and Irene joined us in 2008. Both are incredible assets to our company and are the ladies that book your cleaning service when you call our office.

Thanks to all employees of Steamer’s Carpet Care and especially to these fine people that have been with us for so long!