Choosing a Carpet Cleaner

Steamer’s Carpet Care Owner, Jon Bibb, is here to answer some common questions from customers. Today’s carpet cleaning topic is “Choosing a Carpet Cleaner.” See the video for Jon’s answer.

Jon explains, that when customers are shopping for. a good carpet cleaning company, he recommends starting out choosing a local company. He also suggests checking that company’s Google reviews and make sure they’re highly rated. Next, Jon shares looking up the carpet cleaning company’s website, you’ll want to see if employees are listed on the website, as well as the owner, that always a good sign. Finally, when you call the carpet cleaner to schedule your service, the staff should be friendly and up front about their pricing. Be sure to ask about any extra fees that may not be listed on their website, this way you ensure there are no surprises when you pay for your service. Jon lets us know that these are some great basic tips to keep in mind when searching for a good carpet cleaning service. We certainly hope you choose Steamer’s Carpet Care! 

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