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Dryer vent cleaning helps save energy in the home

dryer vent cleaningThe laundry system in any random household might be used on a daily basis. A family of four in San Antonio might require seven or more loads a week in order to keep everyone supplied with clean clothes during the summer months. As family members load the dryer, they don't always think of the energy implications of this appliance. In fact, it's possible to improve any dryer's efficiency by simply cleaning it out. Dryer vent cleaning isn't limited to just the filter in the door, however. A thorough cleaning throughout the appliance's duct system is in order for the best energy savings.

Upholstery Cleaning Questions? Hire the Professionals

upholstery cleaningBefore diving into upholstery cleaning, you need to know the basics of what it’s made of and how do I clean that material? Sprucing up your furniture for those summer parties makes your home enjoyable but make sure you either know how to care for your furniture when it comes to cleaning or hire a professional that does. From fiber types to cleaning codes, upholstery cleaning has a small learning curve in order to achieve good cleaning results and not damage your precious furniture.

Pumpkin Patches are always fun to visit! We have quite a few in our area to choose from. RWeThereYetMom? has put together a list of pumpkin patches in our area! Click here for the list. Enjoy!          ...