upholstery cleaningYou strip the beds each week and wash the sheets with hot water. Sleeping on soiled sheets is just unheard of in your household. This concept isn't applied to your living room furniture, however. Your couch, loveseat and fabric-covered chairs are subject to the same use as your bed. They simply don't have the easy-to-remove fabrics. Learn more about professional upholstery cleaning and its priority in your household.

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Dryer vent cleaning helps save energy in the home

dryer vent cleaningThe laundry system in any random household might be used on a daily basis. A family of four in San Antonio might require seven or more loads a week in order to keep everyone supplied with clean clothes during the summer months. As family members load the dryer, they don't always think of the energy implications of this appliance. In fact, it's possible to improve any dryer's efficiency by simply cleaning it out. Dryer vent cleaning isn't limited to just the filter in the door, however. A thorough cleaning throughout the appliance's duct system is in order for the best energy savings.