Carpet Cleaning Services for Fluffy and Fido: Pet Odor Dilemmas

carpet cleaning services, pet odor removal Both pets and residents track in particles from the outdoors. Dander, dust, and soil are just a few of the items that drop onto your carpet from everyone’s shoes. Another substance that often impacts the carpet is pet stains. Elimination accidents around the house are common for both cats and dogs. If you’re considering carpet cleaning services, understand why professional help is your best course of action.


The Science Behind Urine

The source of most pet odors is from urine stains. Both cats and dogs will urinate in the house. This fact is true of both untrained and housebroken pets. The urination act is more related to territory needs as opposed to elimination requirements. Your pet is showing their dominance in the household.

You might clean up this single stain, but the odor probably persists. The odor bothers the family with its ammonia-based scent. The pets are attracted to it because of their primal nature. As a result, further urination stains occur in the same area as dominance issues continue among the pets.

Household Cleaning Dilemma

Pet odor removal is tough because you may not find every stain. Your pets are clever with their marking habits. They might find a corner that’s relatively isolated where they mark their territory.

As the urine dries in place, it doesn’t evaporate. It breaks down into a crystalline structure. These dry crystals tumble down deep into the carpet. The odor even changes over time to a more pungent aroma. Professional, pet odor removal is the best way to find every stain and fight the scents. They will grow progressively worse over time.

Carpet Cleaning Services to the Rescue

Carpet cleaning services surpass at-home efforts every time. The professionals use tools that detect stains on the floor. Carpet hidden away in a closet might be saturated. You never knew about this area.

The professionals concentrate on these stains first. They move outward from them to finish off the entire floor. No odors should be present at that point. The clean rooms will deter the pets from marking again because there are no current stains guiding their actions. The professionals use industrial-strength cleaners to fight off odors from even the deepest and oldest stains.

Removal Versus Masking

As residents look for professional cleaners, they should be aware of removal techniques. Some companies don’t technically complete the pet odor removal process. They use fragrances to mask the scent. This strategy works as a temporary solution, but the odor returns very quickly.

Always ask for a removal service where the cleaners are chemically-based substances. They should react with the stains, which neutralizes their odors. The cleaning solutions should also be nontoxic. After the treatment, children and pets can walk and play on the carpet without any concerns about toxic chemicals.

Suggested Cleaning Frequency

When you have pets, they’re constantly adding more particles to your carpet. Ideally, call for a professional cleaning several times a year. You might have two cleanings each year. Some residents prefer once-quarterly cleanings to keep up with any new stains.

Remember that the pet doesn’t have to be staining the carpet to create odors. A wet-dog smell might permeate the house during the rainy season. The professionals remove stains, fur, dander and other byproducts of your furry friends. Keeping the house clean with regular appointments will prolong the carpet’s lifespan.

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