Carpet Cleaning and Cost Factors

Carpet Cleaning Carpet Cleaning and Cost Factors

In general, homeowners and tenants should hire carpet cleaning San Antonio professionals at least once a year for a thorough service. A two-person household can drag in a lot of debris on their shoe soles alone, which contributes to the carpet’s dingy appearance and aging process. Each home will have a different estimate, however, because cleaning professionals must account for specific features that drive prices up or down. Before hiring any carpet cleaning company, consider these cost factors that define the home.

Square Footage of the Home

The first factor that drives costs is square footage. Smaller homes with less than 1,000 square feet of carpet will have a much lower cost compared to an expansive structure supporting 3,000 square feet or more of materials. This same concept applies to upholstery cleaning in San Antonio too. Professionals will usually pull out measuring tapes in order to accurately identify the space involved. The size of the home will dictate the time involved for the project along with the amount of cleaning supplies that are necessary to get the job done.

Type of Carpet

Carpet and rug cleaning professionals will also examine the carpet for its fiber type. From Berber to shag, varying carpet types are numerous in the industry. Each type has different fiber styles and lengths. In fact, some carpets are simply harder to clean than others. This fact drives the cost of a project so residents should be aware of their basic carpet type. A thicker and longer fiber shape, for example, will take extra time to clean. When residents ask about upholstery cleaning, these materials are also a factor during the estimation process.

Household Layout During Carpet Cleaning

Residents might believe that every factor is covered at this point, but cleaning professionals also take the home’s layout into consideration. Stairs, pianos and other obstacles can be part of the equation. Professionals who must clean individual stair steps will charge extra for this specialty service. Residents might ask for the piano to be moved so that cleaning can occur in that area. Moving furniture for any cleaning service is an additional charge. Residents should be aware of this courtesy as they read through any estimates.

Stain Quantities and Severity

Many households have pets that are part of the family. Children and countless guests might move through the home as well. All of these factors add to the stain quantities on the carpet. Professionals must account for specific stains that will take time to pull out of the fibers. The number of stains along with their severity is part of the estimate. Extra labor is involved when professionals must concentrate on a specific carpet area compared to moving across the space that’s merely dingy from dust.

Adding on Furniture Cleaning

Asking for an included upholstery cleaning quote with the carpet is a smart choice for residents. Because the professionals are already at the property, many of the costs can be combined into one service. As a result, it’s possible to have a small discount on both services when they’re performed together. Residents don’t have to worry about scheduling another appointment for their furniture either. Cleaning professionals can spread out their workers to complete both the furniture and carpet within a short time frame.

When a family finds a friendly and reputable carpet cleaning company in San Antonio, try to schedule them on a regular basis. Keeping the carpets and upholstery clean will only improve the home’s aesthetics and lengthen the materials’ lifespans. The home will also have an attractive smell that impresses visitors every day of the year.

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