Air Duct Cleaning and Other Tips to Prepare Your Home For Warmer Weather

Air duct cleaning, lint cleaning Getting ready for summer in San Antonio is not just about making sure you have your beach body ready to go. Your home needs preparation as well. Yes, there is the usual spring cleanup when you purge your home of anything unnecessary. However, there are other things you should be doing to prepare for that warmer weather, such as air duct cleaning. Getting your house ready will save you time and money as the summer goes on. A little work before the heat comes will pay off down the road.

Air Conditioner Servicing

If there is one thing in your house that you do not want to break down during the summer, it is your air conditioner. It is always a good idea to get it checked out before the heat kicks in, so you are not left sweating it out all day and night if it fails. Check the filter for any clogs and clean it out if it is permanent. If it is disposable, change it out. You should be changing the filter every 3 months, or even sooner if you have a dusty home or multiple pets. Turn on your A/C and see if it is working properly. If it does not power up, check the breakers. If it still won’t start or is doing something else out of the ordinary, call in a professional. Even if it seems to be working fine, a professional can perform some preventative maintenance to keep it that way.

Windows and Screens

Take off those storm windows and let the fresh air flow through your home. Scrub clean your windows. Check for any signs of mold or rotting around your window sills as well. Check your window screens and make sure they are not damaged. Patch any holes and repair any damage. Then, give them a cleaning as well, and re-install them.

Air Duct Cleaning

Your air conditioner is going to be working hard for the next few months, so it is a good idea in spring to do your air duct cleaning. That will ensure that your cool air flows freely and cleanly throughout the house. Get a professional like Steamers Carpet Care in San Antonio to completely clear out your air ducts. While you are dealing with your air ducts, you might as well do some lint cleaning as well. Get them to clear out the dryer vent at the back of the dryer. That vent can get clogged over time and become a fire hazard, so a lint cleaning will help keep the air moving freely. This helps reduce the drying time of clothes making the appliance more efficient.

Outdoor Plumbing Inspection

Gardening season is almost upon us. Go through your outdoor plumbing to make sure it is all working properly. Turn on any hoses and outdoor fixtures to make sure that the water is running freely. If you have an in-ground irrigation system, then go through your maintenance checklist.

Clean Your Carpetscarpet cleaning

Carpets need to be refreshed every once in a while, and Spring is the perfect excuse. Get your carpets professionally cleaned, especially after they have potentially been abused by the mud and moisture from the crazy Texas weather during the Spring. You will be able to open the windows and properly dry them, and it will leave your carpets and home smelling summertime fresh.


Make sure that your summer around the home will be the best it can be. Just a few tasks, like air duct cleaning and lint cleaning, will allow you go enjoy the weather knowing that your home is ready.

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