Who We Are


Steamer’s Carpet Care Vision

We will proudly serve the people of San Antonio and its surrounding areas in a manner that offers exceptional value. We believe that manners, respect, hard work, and attention to details are what makes a company great.

Meet The Company

Jimmy And TJ

These technicians joined us in 2006 as assistants and quickly worked their way up to Lead Technicians. Both are very experienced carpet cleaners. Jimmy enjoys spending time with his girlfriend and family and also works on cars. TJ is an avid hunter and enjoys spending time with his high school sweetheart turned wife and their son.

Matt And Bobby

These two Lead Technicians also joined the team in 2006 and are both excellent carpet cleaners. Matt is also our certified repairman and a very strong cleaner. Bobby is a very dedicated person, and has not missed a day of work or been late since starting with us over eight years ago. Matt is a huge music fan and Bobby enjoys being with his wife and son when not working.

Larry And Keith

Larry and Keith both joined us in 2011. Larry wears multiple hats – Warehouse Assistant, Lead Water Damage Technician, & Assistant Lead Technician. Keith is a Lead Technician and one of the nicest professionals that you will ever meet. He also enjoys his wife and three children when not at work. As seen in the photo, Larry likes to keep us all laughing.

Lorenzo And Tim

Lorenzo joined us in 2014 and Tim in 2013. Tim is actually an Assistant Lead Technician which can cover for a Lead Technician that is sick. If you see Lorenzo at the right angle, he looks a lot like one of our favorite Spurs players (you guess); and Tim enjoys spending time with his family and being involved with his church.

Joe And Art

Joe has worked part-time with us for several years and Art is an Assistant Lead Technician that joined us in 2013. Joe enjoys his kids and is an avid pool player. Art also enjoys his family and is a hunting partner with TJ. Both employees are experienced carpet cleaners that will do their best to get your home clean.

Irene and Maria

The dynamic duo of the office, Irene and Maria keep everybody on track and moving forward. Maria is our Office Manager and joined the company in 2005, while Irene is our Customer Service Specialist and joined us in 2008. Both are very customer oriented and happy to assist you with booking your service. Maria and Irene both love spending time with their wonderful families while not at work.

Jon Bibb

Jon is the owner of Steamer’s Carpet Care. He is a native of San Antonio and graduated from Texas State University. Jon oversees all operations of Steamer’s Carpet Care and is dedicated to seeing that customers receive exceptional value from the company. Jon loves the outdoors and spending time with his wife and family.