Tips for Tile Floors

Steamer’s Carpet Care Owner, Jon Bibb, is here to answer some common questions from customers. Today’s carpet cleaning topic is “Tips for Tile Floors.” See the video for Jon’s answer.

Jon shares his first tip for keeping tile floors clean, sweeping. He explains, that just as we should vacuum our carpet regularly, we should also sweep our tile flooring regularly as well. The reason being that dry matter that’s left on the surface can dull it over time. After sweeping, Jon suggests that you second step should be to mop. However, it’s important to note, that you should only mop your floor with hot water and no soap. He doesn’t recommend using any type of cleaning agent, as these can leave residue behind which attract more dirt. Jon emphasizes, you should never use any bleach, particularly for those grout lines. His final tip for keeping tile floors clean is to hire the professionals, especially for those tough grout lines. Steamer’s trained technicians will hand scrub each and every grout line on your floor. Following these steps will ensure that your tile and grout will look terrific and help them last. 

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