Residue In Carpet

Steamer’s Carpet Care Owner, Jon Bibb, is here to answer some common questions from customers. Today’s carpet cleaning topic is “Residue In Carpet” See the video for Jon’s answer.

Jon explains, that customers often ask “will there be residue left behind in my carpet after a cleaning?” Jon adds, that at Steamer’s Carpet Care, the easy answer is no. Customers who have used other carpet cleaning companies where residue is left behind, is most likely attributed to the following reasons:

  1. Using too much detergent or emulsifier
  2.  Portable cleaners
  3.  Truck-mounted cleaners with pressure issues

Jon shares that Steamer’s Carpet Care technicians use the proper mix of cleaning agents with treated water. The technicians also utilize and test their truck-mounted equipment to provide the right amount of pressure and power to properly clean customers’ carpets without leaving a residue behind. 

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