Is Tile Cleaning Worth It?

Steamer’s Carpet Care Owner, Jon Bibb, is here to answer some common questions from customers. Today’s carpet cleaning topic is “Is Tile Cleaning Worth It?” See the video for Jon’s answer.

Jon explains, that he loves to get this question.  The answer is positively, yes, tile cleaning is definitely worth it! Especially when it comes to the grout lines, this is where Steamer’s Carpet Care earns its keep. When customers schedule a tile cleaning, your technician will arrive with our specialty truck-mounting unit, pre-spray the area, and your technician will hand scrub each one of the grout lines. It’s tough work, but our technicians are very experienced with this technique and you will be thrilled with the results. Jon encourages you to check out our tile cleaning videos and you will be amazed at how much dirt is removed. Customers are left with absolutely gorgeous floors. This is why, tile cleaning is absolutely worth it! 

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