Carpet Cleaning Tips Just In Time For Your Big Spring Cleaning

carpet cleaning We all want what our carpets to not just last as long as possible, but to look great the whole time. Getting the best out of your carpets means following a carpet cleaning and maintenance plan throughout its lifetime. Cleaning your carpet properly will help it look great, last long, and smell great too. With more inside time during the winter, our carpets can start to smell, so spring is a good time to take care of that problem. Here are some cleaning tips to get your carpet looking its best for spring cleaning time in San Antonio.


The vacuum is one of the main weapons in the battle to keep your carpets looking fresh. It should not be an occasional task. Vacuum your carpets regularly. If you have pets, you may need to do it as much as once a day. Vacuuming will help keep debris from getting ground into your carpet fibers and causing permanent damage. It is never a bad idea to do some upholstery cleaning as well while you have the vacuum out. Upholstery is susceptible to the same issues as carpet, so make sure to give your furniture a once-over every time you vacuum your floors.

Stain Removal

Stains are best handled as soon as possible, but sometimes that is not possible. During the muddy spring season, you may get mud in the house, but that can be left to dry for easier cleaning. Oftentimes a DIY cleaner is your best option as opposed to commercial products. If you get a stain immediately, a baby wipe may be able to do the trick. Otherwise, there are many at-home stain removers containing baking powder and other ingredients that can do the job. When it comes to upholstery cleaning, you should be careful since the fabric can be damaged easily by cleaning products. If your carpet is very stained from the autumn and winter, it would be a good idea to get Steamers Carpet Care to clean it. They will remove stains safely and efficiently from your carpet and upholstery.

Professional Carpet Cleaningcarpet cleaning

Professional carpet cleaning services like Steamers use a variety of methods to get carpets clean. They have shampooing techniques, steam cleaning, and even dry-cleaning methods. While you may be concerned with the upfront cost, you will love the outcome. You will also save time and energy from trying to get the stains out yourself. Your carpet will thank you and you will love the way it looks and feels.


Shampooing is done using industrial compounds that foam up, much like hair shampoo. The chemicals involved can be harsh, but your technician will know what is safe for your carpet.

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is probably the most common and the most effective method of carpet cleaning. The cleaner uses a hot, fine mist to loosen debris, which is then vacuumed up. The carpet dries quickly, and it is safe for the fibers. This is also the healthiest method as dirty air is not dispersed throughout the home.

Dry Cleaning

This method involves an absorbent compound that cleans your carpet without wetting it. The dirt is absorbed by the compound, which is then vacuumed up. The chemicals in the compound can be harsh, however.

Spring cleaning is just around the corner and getting those carpets clean is a big part of it. Use these tips for your carpet cleaning or hire a professional. Steamers will get the job done right without the hassle.

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