Carpet Cleaning to the Next Level: Dealing with Pet Stains

carpet cleaning, pet odor removal Your house might be filled with loved ones, including four-legged family members. Dogs and cats are constant companions as they roam around your home. They don’t have any regard for your carpet’s cleanliness, however. Hiring a professional company is the only way to truly keep up with the soiled flooring. Take your carpet cleaning to the next level by learning about pet stain treatments and beyond.

Those Murky Scents Before Carpet Cleaning

You scold your pet whenever you notice them having an accident in the house. However, you can’t watch them 24 hours a day. Inevitably, there will be hidden accidents around the house. Ideally, opt for pet odor removal several times a year. Consider a more frequent schedule if you have more than one pet.

These stains emit an odor for many months after the initial accident. Ammonia is a typical scent that you’ll smell, which isn’t pleasant for anyone. Professionals must find and remove these stains to neutralize the scent. Covering it up with air fresheners won’t solve the problem.

Evaluating the Home

Carpet cleaning professionals take a hard look at the property before treating it. They’ll walk into each room with attention to those hidden areas. Although your high-traffic areas are always a target, the professionals know that pets tend to have accidents in quiet corners. Looking under furniture isn’t unheard of with experienced cleaners.

They document each accident location for future reference. These areas will require extra treatment. Standard cleaners help the stain, but they don’t eliminate the odor altogether. Your professionals also verify the number of animals and type. This information is instrumental in treating the home with a successful outcome.

Treating the Discovered Stains

Before the professionals treat the carpet, they focus on pet odor removal. They visit each documented area and apply a treatment to it. Every company has its own treatment process. It’s often a proprietary blend of chemicals and know-how. In most cases, the treatment must absorb into the carpet’s fibers. This waiting time gives the experts a chance to treat the other areas in the home. If pets have accidents in one area, they’re sure to have multiple spots on the carpet. Most treatments remain on the carpet until the shampooing process begins.

Vacuuming and Washing the Entire Carpet

It’s unusual to only spot treat the accident areas. Most households opt for a whole-house cleaning. The professionals begin with a thorough vacuuming. By using industrial vacuums, the professionals suck out most of the particles lodged in the carpet. They even walk the carpet’s perimeter with a specialized attachment. At this point, the experts shampoo and scrub the carpet so that they can pull out any remaining debris and staining from the fibers. Scrubbing the carpet takes finesse that’s only found with the best training in the industry. The carpet suddenly takes on its original hue.

Extracting the Moisture

A rinsing-and-drying process occurs at the end of this carpet treatment. After shampooing the carpet, specialized tools pull the moisture from the fibers. The professionals concentrate on the pet stains in particular. They’re trying to draw out every drop of moisture so that no odors remain. The rest of the carpet receives a similar drying. You should be able to walk on the carpet after a few hours and it will be difficult to smell or locate those stains when the job is complete.

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