What is Our Nine-Step Process?

For most families, getting your carpet cleaned is serious business. After all, if you’re calling us for a deep clean of your carpets, you want your carpet thoroughly cleaned and rid of all stains and spots. At Steamer’s Carpet Care we take our jobs cleaning carpets very seriously, and prove it by utilizing an effective, in-depth, nine-step process. Today we’d like to outline what the nine-step process entails in order to give you a better idea of how we treat and take care of your carpets.


The Nine-Step Process Detailed


To begin, our carpet cleaning technicians do a detailed walk through of your house with you to evaluate the special needs and requirements of your home’s cleaning. Though not officially a part of our process, this step allows us to ensure that we fulfill your specific needs and expectations when it comes to offering you a quality carpet cleaning.


  1. Vacuum — First our technicians will do pre-cleaning vacuum of your floors to remove any dry soil or other debris. This pretreatment step ensures the best results for your cleaning.

  2. Baseboard Crevice Vacuum — Unlike a regular vacuum, we also vacuum in those difficult to reach areas such as the crevices between your carpets and baseboards that simply cannot be reached with normal vacuums.

  3. Move Some Furniture — Often times for the best cleaning it’s necessary to move some couches and sofas to get to typically unexposed carpet. Our technicians will move most furniture for you, but we suggest that you have professional movers move valuable furniture such as grand pianos or choose to leave those pieces of furniture in place during our cleaning.

  4. Pre-Cleaning Treatment of Stains/Spots — We’ll use our cleaning materials to prep persistent stains or spots for easy removal before we begin your cleaning.

  5. Truck-Mounted Deep Steam Extraction — Then we use our state-of-the-art truck mounted system to do a steam cleaning of your carpets leaving it free of any residue.

  6. Carpet Rinse — We continue with our system and rinse your carpets to add more “oomph” to your cleaning, taking special care to ensure that your carpets are not left over-wet from our treatment.

  7. Specialized Air Movers For Drying — Though not required, we suggest you allow our air movers to aid in the drying process of your carpet. Our technology is amongst the most powerful in the market and makes for a quick drying process.

  8. Deodorize — We’ll deodorize any left over odors from your stains or treatment using our cleaning technologies.

  9. Fluff Rake Carpet — Finally we groom your carpet to make it both appealing aesthetically as well as to aid in the drying process. And voila, we’re done!


If you have any further questions regarding our nine-step process, or would like to schedule an appointment with our technicians contact Steamer’s Carpet Care today!