Troubleshooting Air Duct Issues

In these late summer days, some of them reaching temperatures in the triple digits, it is important to have a solid flow of air through your home or apartment. Whether your home has central air or floor vents, there is a definite need for circulation in order to keep things a little more cool and clean inside. However sometimes there can be issues with your air ducts that restricts the full flow. Here are some things to look for if you notice an imbalance in your home’s circulation:

Keep an eye out for your home's circulation habits.  Know when you need an Air Duct Cleansing.

Keep an eye out for your home’s circulation habits. Know when you need an Air Duct Cleansing.

  • Check the vents. If dust and dirt are beginning to build up in the vent slits and outer rim of the vent covers, then it is definitely time for a cleaning. Dirt, dust, pet dandruff, and other air allergens and particles begin to clump up deep in the vent first and work their way out. Once the blockage and grime becomes visible from just walking through your halls and rooms then it means your circulation is nowhere near it’s potential.
  • Note temperature changes. If some rooms are getting cooler than others, this may mean a specific vent has an issue. Especially in older rooms where there is no central air and the vents are located on the floor, there is a higher possibility of blockage in some rooms that will cause that area of the house to not be able to distribute air properly. If a room seems hotter than the temperature setting is set to, and the circulation has been running for at least an hour, then you definitely have a problem.
  • Slow-tarnishing filters. Some larger air vents that suck the air out of the home to re-circulate them (otherwise seen as the large square/rectangle doors on your lower walls or ceilings) have a fitted filter that is used to clean the air before it is circulated. Although it is nice to think our living quarters are SO CLEAN that there is virtually no dust or dirt to circulate and get caught by the filter, that is just not the case. If after about two months your filter isn’t grossly covered in debris that you feel the urge to change it immediately, then you most likely have a circulation issue.
  • A/C units losing power. This is a common issue in the summer months that many people never think to check until it is too late. Air Circulation (especially in Texas) is driven mainly by the need for A/C and a cooler environment within the home. If you lose complete power and circulation of air, this could be a direct result of your air conditioning unit being compromised. After a healthy spring season of rain, sun, and growth, many units on the exterior of houses become overtaken with grass and weeds. Once there is enough plant growth to block the inflow of air and begins to obstruct the cooling coils, the unit itself will show down to stop from overheating. Be sure to keep an eye out for overgrowth on your A/C unit.


Next time you catch yourself wondering why you can’t feel the air like you used too while sitting on your couch or laying in bed, think of these helpful hints to decide whether or not it is time for a professional air duct cleaning. It is important to keep up with the condition of your home’s air circulation to keep out allergens and sickness while keeping in cool air and comfortable environments. For a consultation on air duct cleaning contact Steamers Carpet Care with any questions or for setting up an appointment.