To Clean or Not To Clean Your Chimney?

To Clean or Not To Clean Your Chimney?

fireplace.steamer'scarpet.careYou have probably started seeing Christmas decorations out in stores and we can all smell the changes in the air. It’s that time of year when we get ready to sit by our fireplaces every so often and enjoy the crackles and calm warmth a fire gives us. If you like having the occasional or routine fire at home, how do you decide when to get your chimney cleaned? We recommend this time of year as the best time to prepare for the winter. Don’t wait till the last minute. Call us today!

How Can You Check If You Need To Clean Your Chimney?

First you simply want to check the inside of your chimney. Look up from the fire place with a flashlight. You can use a mirror to look through narrow passages. If there is a downdraft, open a window in the house and that should help. Look to see if the inside of the chimney is a smooth surface or if there is build-up, nests, or debris inside. If you can get to the top of your chimney, perform the same procedure looking down into your fire place. Since it’s still a little early in the year, you might not want to do this, but lighting a fire to see if your house fills with smoke or if the smoke from your chimney is black,  is another option to test the cleanliness of your chimney.

When To Clean Your Chimney

If you see build-up or debris then it’s time to call a professional to get your chimney ready for winter. The build up you see is called creosote. It’s a black, highly flammable substance that is a by-product from burning wood (pine wood creates a lot of creosote). Over time the creosote will turn into a glaze that is difficult to remove and dangerous to leave in your fireplace.

What Our Cleaning Will Do For You

In Texas, our normal winter season is a short one (November-February), but Texans know how great a fire is after a long day of work or on a lazy day off. Our team is trained and excited to give you the comfort you want for your home. We will scrape out all the creosote glaze and ensure that your chimney won’t be a problem all season. The sooner you get your chimney cleaned, the less you’ll have to worry when that first day of cool, winter weather blows our way.