The Hidden Dangers in Your Carpet

The Hidden Dangers in Your Carpet

Though on first glance our carpets might seem relatively safe and clean, in reality an unclean carpet can harbor all sorts of dangers and risks for you and your family. Every square inch of your carpet could contain up to nearly 200,000 bacteria and several viruses just waiting to infect your family. Without proper maintenance and care of your carpet it could be harboring any of the following:


  • Norovirus: This virus can survive for over a month to a month and a half and can cause ailments such as the stomach flu.

  • Salmonella: The infamous bacteria that exists in uncooked meat can live in your carpet too — brought in by dirty shoes, pets and pieces of food that have fallen on the floor.

  • Dust mites and Other Insects: Dust mites feed on dead skin cells and pet dander while bringing the possibility of inducing allergies, eczema and asthma. Bedbugs, fleas and ticks, too, find your dirty carpets a nice place to call home.

  • Pollen & Pet Dander: With allergy season, the build-up of these two instigators in your carpet also means that you and your family are more at risk of runny noses, sneezing and other unpleasant allergy symptoms.

  • Mold & Other Fungi: Nobody likes mold, and mold in your carpets puts you and your family at increased levels of exposure to mycotoxins and other allergens.


All of these can pose potential threats to the health and well-being of your household, so it is important to prevent them in any way possible. While vacuuming can be useful to keep your carpets clean, a professional cleaning is truly necessary in order to provide an effective defense against these and the other menaces that hide in your carpets. Steamer’s Carpet Care takes all the preventative measures to combat the hidden dangers in your carpet. Contact Steamer’s Carpet Care today to schedule your next cleaning and rid your home of these undesirables.