The Art of Basketball Courts

Near the end of March Madness, during the many bracket-busting upsets, you may have not noticed some of the university or N.C.A.A. branding on the basketball courts.

Courts today are becoming modern works of art that uniquely represent universities. Hardwood floors that used to be stained one uniform color are now multicolored canvases of team colors, nature backdrops or corporate logos. Instead of using traditional paints, darker stains are used on the wood itself. Using different shades and colors of stains, the court can be made into an elaborate view of mountains, a forest, or anything without the bright gaudy look that can sometimes come from paints.  Unlike a stain, which seeps into the fiber of the wood, paint simply covers wood.

Staining wood can take longer and cost more than traditional painting, but the results are worth the extra money and effort much of the time. Never before have courts been used as an art form, and people take more notice, with wood stains being rarer than the usual painting in the center of the court.

It also provides the N.C.A.A. and sponsors a marketing medium to put their brand on, the one thing every viewer watches, the court.  With brands and logos artistically incorporated into the court, viewers will take more notice of the conference or corporation associated with that venue.

Staining wooden courts is up and coming, and for now stands as an artistic breakaway from traditional means of branding a basketball court.

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