The Age Old Debate Between Wood and Tile

People argue that nothing beats the rich feel of real hardwood floors, but much of the time nobody can tell the difference between the tile that looks like wood and hardwood floors.

Faux wood tiles offer a multitude of advantages over hardwood floors in terms of installment, cost, and long term maintenance. Yet they can still provide the same warm feeling hardwood floors can give a home.
Living in San Antonio often means dealing with a wet, humid environment, or coping with the intense summer heat. Tiles stay cool over the summer and are more resistant to moisture, unlike wood that can expand and crack when things get cold or humid. Maintenance is as easy as wiping with a cloth or mop; there’s no waxing, sanding, oiling or need to find a particular cleaner suited to the wood’s finish. You also won’t have to panic when people walk on your floor in heels.

If a spill or shoes somehow do manage to scratch or chip your tiles, replacement is as easy as having replacement tiles in storage or driving to the nearest Home Depot or Lowes and buying a replacement that comes in many sizes. You won’t have to resort to sanding your floors down or having to purchase replacement wood flooring that comes in restricted dimensions.
Ceramic tiles are also fireproof, and don’t fade in color when exposed to outside UV rays unlike wood and many other surface covers. High stain resistance also makes them desirable for floors that see a lot of activity, especially if kids are around.

Although not as high maintenance as hardwood, alternative flooring such as tile and carpet still need a thorough cleaning at least once or twice a year depending on the floor’s traffic. Steamer’s Carpet Care has powerful machines designed specifically to deep clean your tile and grout. 
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