Spring Cleaning from Steamer’s

Spring Cleaning from Steamer’s

So it’s nearing the beginning of summer and you still haven’t gotten around to that spring cleaning that you said you’d get after in February… and then March… and then April…. Now that it’s May, the days of spring are numbered. Summer cleaning involves copious amounts of sweating and just doesn’t have the same sense of freshness to it. Fall cleaning is consumed with just keeping the leaves out of the carpet. And winter cleaning… well, the winter is meant for snuggling by the fire, not scrubbing the bathroom.

So while it’s still in season, here are some cleaning services that Steamer’s offers to help jumpstart your own spring cleaning.

Air Duct Cleaning

What’s more appropriate to spring than air duct cleaning? Air ducts collect dander, dust, pollen and those pesky allergens that have everyone sneezing from March to May. Getting your air ducts cleaned can improve the overall air quality in your home. During every air duct cleaning, we remove and sanitize the register covers that collect the nasty particles floating around your home. Then we brush, vacuum, clean the air ducts themselves with our ROTOBRUSH system. If necessary, we also offer duct sanitation services.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Grout cleaning in the kitchen is messy and time consuming work. Grout cleaning in the bathroom, however, can be just plain nasty. Why bother spending half a day on the bathroom floor when Steamer’s offers professional grade grout and tile cleaning services? With our specially formulated cleaning solution and high-pressure, hot water washing we can restore tile and grout to their original shine. Moreover, we also offer a sealant for your grout that makes it more resistant to future spills and dirt.

Carpet Cleaning

This might seem obvious, but cleaning the carpets really is an important part of any overall home cleaning process. Our 9-step carpet cleaning process is the cornerstone of our company and our most popular service. Having clean carpets can greatly improve the entire feel of the entire house. No matter how much you vacuum the couch cushions or wipe down the windows, if there’s a big, brown coffee stain on the living room carpet, the whole room looks pretty unsavory.

Stop fixing to get ready to get started with the spring cleaning and contact Steamer’s today. We may not be able to sort through the boxes in your attic but we can give you that helpful push to start picking up the house. Once the cleaning ball starts rolling, it tends to keep on going.