When Do You Need A Professional Carpet Cleaning?

When Do You Need A Professional Carpet Cleaning?

Check your calendar! When was the last time you had a professional carpet cleaning? Do you miss the feel of soft carpet fibers between your toes? Have you stopped walking barefoot around the house? Do you continually light candles or spray air freshener to keep your house smelling good? All of these are the reasons and signals that you need a professional carpet cleaning.

Long Living Dirt

The Carpet and Rug Institute explains that over long periods of time dirt that sits in your carpet can get imbedded into the actual fibers and be virtually impossible to remove. The only solution forces you to purchase new carpet in order to have that fresh feeling and clean look again. Don’t let this be the case for you.

Your House Smells

Another effect of dirty carpet is the smell it takes on over time. If you have ever been in a smoker’s apartment, you know how strong this effect can be. Air and fabric freshener can cover up the smell for a period of time, but only a thorough, full-house cleaning can truly get the smells out from your carpet. Test this by smelling your carpet in various places, then call us and see how it smells after we get through with it!

Your Healthsteamersdirtyness.jpg

Bacteria, pollen, fecal matter from pets and babies, and dust mites all gather in your carpet over time. While you might get rid of most of these with your weekly vacuum, a thorough cleaning is the only answer to get rid of them completely until time brings them back (another year and most of these nuisances return).


The more you have your carpet cleaned the less dirt will be embed itself into the fibers, the less dirt mites will build full fledged nests, and the less traffic lines from constant use. Carpet can be refreshed to have that brand new look over and over again if you take proper care of it. In the long run, this means you’ll spend less money. In the short run, this means you’ll always have cleaner looking carpet. It’s a win win.

Reasonable Rates

We offer a quality cleaning at reasonable price to ensure everyone has access to the healthy clean carpet they deserve. Our office is open from 7am-6pm Monday thru Friday and 7am-3pm on Saturday. Don’t wait till the holiday season sneaks up on you, get your professional carpet cleaning today!