Carpet Repairs

Leave Your Carpet Repairs to Us

Steamer’s Carpet Care has a certified carpet repairman to perform all of your minor carpet repairs.  From stretching carpet to patching, our carpet repair services can bring life back into carpet that you might have previously thought was beyond help.  For added value, the repair technician is also a cleaning technician, so the Steamer’s Carpet Care technician can first perform the necessary repair and then finish with cleaning the carpet.

Steamer’s Carpet Care does the following minor carpet repairs:

Carpet Stretching
Carpet Patches
Seam Replacements and Repairs
Pad Replacement
Primary & Secondary Backing Repairs

There are a couple of things to know with carpet repairs.  First of all, we prefer to have our repair technician look at each job before we go forward with the repair. There are some instances where it is our opinion that the repair will not last nor be worth the money to perform the repair. Also, since we only do minor repairs, some jobs are beyond what our company offers.  Most times we can give you an estimate and do the job in one trip. Also, we advise our customers to keep any carpet patches under one foot.  If the patch is any larger, we believe that it ends up being too noticeable. With all carpet repairs, we will consult with you first about the pros and cons of making the repair.

So when you are looking for carpet repairs and carpet cleaning, you can relax and know that one visit from Steamer’s Carpet Care can take care of both! Contact us today!