San Antonio Food Bank

San Antonio Food Bank

Here at Steamer’s we are proud to be a local, San Antonio business serving San Antonio area customers. As the summer begins to really heat up we’re looking forward to long evenings, lots of swimming and, of course, some good ol’ Texas barbequing.

During these easy-living months, however, it’s important that we continue to remember those in our community who aren’t living easy; those working long evenings, missing out on the swimming and sometimes not getting enough barbecue to fill their stomachs.

That’s why Steamer’s continues to support the San Antonio Food Bank with an annual canned food drive every fall. Last year we raised 1,300 pounds of food for the SAFB by simply asking our customers to donate a can or two at every home we visited.

The SAFB provides food to partner agencies across the southwest Texas region. In 2010, the SAFB received more than 44 million pounds of food which were distributed to over 500 human service agencies across 16 counties. That equals out to over 28 million meals per year going to 40,000 poor and hungry families in the San Antonio area. Without a doubt, the San Antonio Food Bank is an amazing facility.

So before you throw away all your old cans this summer, consider holding onto them until this fall when we’ll be launching our food drive. Get your carpets cleaned by some of Steamer’s trained and certified technicians and let us take your cans when we leave.

Or feel free to drop by the San Antonio Food Bank yourself and donate some extra cans. As always, the Food Bank could use some volunteers too. Visit for more information on what you can do to help out.