Pros and Cons of Tile Patterns

Pros and Cons of Tile Patterns

The use of tile in homes has been popular for centuries, and shows no signs of becoming obsolete. It’s no wonder either, as tile can lend its polished look to almost every room in the house.

If you’re considering tile for a certain space in your home, you’ll also need to think about pattern and color. Should you play it safe and go for a classic pattern and uniform color or try a vivid pattern and multiple colors? It really depends on the size of the space and your personal style. But here are some “pros and cons” to consider:

Uniform Color & Pattern
Classic tile patterns include diamond, subway and herringbone, to name a few. These patterns will employ a one-size-tile or two-size-tile layout.

  • Adds the interest of a pattern without the commitment to an intricate design
  • Uniform design frequently uses larger tiles, making it less expensive and more waterproof
  • Creates a clean, sleek look


  • Rooms can quickly be dominated by solid colors, making the room seem stuffy and shallow.

Vivid Color & Pattern
Intricate floral designs, geometric shapes and mosaics are all popular types of vivid tile patterns. These patterns employ tiles of multiple sizes and shapes.

  • Adds visual interest and depth to a room
  • Hides possible stains
  • Evokes a particular design aesthetic: choosing an array of blues and oranges to echo the warmth of the Mexican coast, for example
  • Multiple colors make coordinating towels, mats or dishes easier


  • You might tire of the pattern, and it’s not cheap to replace
  • Smaller tiles mean more grout, and grout isn’t stain or mold resistant

It’s your choice. But if you still can’t decide, why not try combining the best of both worlds, using a uniform color and pattern as the base, and a vivid pattern as an accent?

Whatever the pattern, Steamer’s Carpet Care is here to keep your tile and grout looking clean and bright. Grout is a porous material that’s difficult to thoroughly clean without professional help. Contact us today for a service estimate or to set up an appointment.