Oriental Rug Terminology

When picking out an oriental rug it’s easy to get confused by the terminology involved in the rug-marking process. So to help you out, we’ve put together a short list of terms that you’ll probably hear from oriental rug manufacturers and weavers.

  • Warps – These are the parallel strings that run lengthwise on the carpet, from loom beam to loom beam. Knots are tied between two warps.
  • Wefts – These strings run the width of the rug and are woven through the warps. Between parallel wefts are rows of knots, which the wefts help hold in place.
  • Knots – Knots are bits of yarn tied around pairs of warps. The ends are cut off to form what is called the “pile” of the rug.
  • Knot Count – One of the measures of a rug’s quality is the number of knots per square inch, or “knot count.” The more knots per square inch, the better the rug.
  • Turkish Knot – A type of knot looped around two warps.
  • Persian Knot – A type of knot looped around only one warp, with only a halt-turn around an adjacent warp.
  • Fringes – Fringes are formed by gathering and knotting bundles of warps at both ends of a rug after the rug has been cut from the loom.

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