Maintaining Carpet 101

Maintaining Carpet 101

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It’s hard to keep your carpet clean. Whether you have young kids using your carpet as a playground or a fleet of paws tracking through on a daily basis; dirt, stains, and dander will make your carpet home. Consider these carpet cleaning tips for keeping your carpets looking beautiful.


Hands down, vacuuming is the single best thing you can do for your carpet. Dirt finds its way in, whether we see it or not. The easiest way to remove dirt is by vacuuming your carpet. It also the best way to protect the fibers in your carpet from loosing shine and color. As dirt sits in the carpet, it begins to scratch the fibers of the carpet, which in turn, begins to dull your carpet from the color and shine that was once great. Vacuuming daily if possible is the single best way to keep the fibers of your carpet from becoming dull.

Get the Spills!

If there is a spill, then take care of it immediately. The longer the liquid sits on the fibers of the carpet, the more difficult it will be to remove the stain. The technique for stain removal depends on what caused the stain. Always blot at a spill, and never scrub because it scrubbing pushes the spill further into the carpet pile. Also, scrubbing can also damage the carpet fibers. Your best friend with spills will be some water, white towels, and a shop vacuum. Blot the spill, use water with a towel to rinse off, and dry with another white towel. Repeat as necessary and use a shop vacuum to remove any more excess moisture.

Prevention is Key!

You can also take some preventative measures – use door mats, require people to remove their shoes before stepping on your carpet, keep windows and doors closed, and dust your furniture. Also, call Steamer’s Carpet Care to ask about DuPont Teflon, which is a carpet protector that can be applied after cleanings.

Call In the Professionals!

Nonetheless, shoes, paws, even bare feet, are constantly tracking dirt throughout your home and even careful application of the above might not be enough to keep your carpet looking fresh.

For a professional carpet cleaner who will have your carpets looking great in no time, you should contact Steamer’s Carpet Care in San Antonio. Our 9-step carpet cleaning process will have your carpets looking great in no time.