How Much Carpet Should I Buy?

How Much Carpet Should I Buy?

Whether you’re building a home, replacing your carpet, or switching to carpet from wood or tile flooring, everyone encounters the same problem. How much carpet should you buy?

The rule of thumb method is measuring the length and width of your room to find carpet coverage, and adding an extra 10 percent of that area to account for room irregularities, baseboards, and thresholds. Of course you should always buy extra carpet to allow for cutting, seaming, and account for waste.

As simple as the instructions are, you will want to follow a careful method of finding the area of the room in order to not end up buying too much or too little carpet.

Once you’ve bought the carpet, the greatest challenge in placing a carpet is doing so strategically. Even if you purchased the right amount, misplacement will result in needing quick replacement. Carpet can come in many lengths, but your choice in width may be more limited.

As such, if you do not end up with a carpet that matches your room’s length or width exactly, you will have to plan how to avoid having too many seams. This means making sure those seams are not in the center of the carpet or in high-traffic areas.

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