Extending the Lifetime of Your Oriental Rug

Extending the Lifetime of Your Oriental Rug

An Oriental Rug can be a great addition to your home to make a room more cozy, comfortable and “lived-in.” However, they don’t always stay the cleanest and will often wear and tear. With these (often expensive) rugs fighting the elements so often, they can use your help to have a long life in your home. Here are several tips for extending the lives of these foreign floor enhancers.


Tips for Extending the Lifetime of Your Oriental Rug

  • Rotate Regularly — We suggest you regularly rotate your rug about every six to twelve months- this will mean that the carpet is exposed to even levels of regular wear. Likewise, if your carpet is in the sun this will mean that any discoloration from exposure will be equally distributed on all sides.

  • Vacuuming — You might be worried that vacuuming your rug might damage it, but this can’t be farther from the truth. Regular vacuuming ensures that your carpet is devoid from high levels of dirt and grit. Just be sure that you vacuum with the direction of the pile.

  • Use a Rug Pad — In general rugs are built for hard surfaces fairly well, but if the surfaces is rough or might damage knots you should use a rug pad. For softer surfaces, such as carpets, a rug pad will prevent slipping and movement of your carpet.

  • Have Your Rug Professionally Cleaned — A good rug can last a lifetime—given you take good care of it. One of the most important things you can do to keep your rug lasting as long as you is to have it professionally cleaned regularly. That includes just regular “check-up” cleanings as well as any cleanings for difficult stains or odors in your carpets. Steamer’s Carpet Care offers oriental rug cleaning services catered to your busy lifestyle.


If you have any further questions about preserving your oriental rugs, or our oriental rug cleaning services, as always feel free to contact Steamer’s Carpet Care with any questions or appointment requests.