Dryer vent cleaning helps save energy in the home

Dryer vent cleaning helps save energy in the home

Dryer vent cleaning helps save energy in the home

dryer vent cleaningThe laundry system in any random household might be used on a daily basis. A family of four in San Antonio might require seven or more loads a week in order to keep everyone supplied with clean clothes during the summer months. As family members load the dryer, they don’t always think of the energy implications of this appliance. In fact, it’s possible to improve any dryer’s efficiency by simply cleaning it out. Dryer vent cleaning isn’t limited to just the filter in the door, however. A thorough cleaning throughout the appliance’s duct system is in order for the best energy savings.

Reduce Strain on the Internal Components

As lint build up occurs inside a dryer, airway passages decrease in size. The forced air through the dryer now has less space to move, so the internal components work even harder than before. As a result, a family’s energy bills increase. Reduce strain on the components by cleaning out the ducts. As the lint cleaning continues, the components will resort to their normal operations. Energy use will drop, and the dryer’s parts will actually last longer as a positive side effect.

Improve Efficiency with Dryer Vent Cleaning

Consistent lint cleaning after each load makes the dryer run more efficient. Air flow and heat can permeate the drum with ease, which translates into lower energy costs. Some families might require 2.5 hours to dry a full load of laundry. After thorough dryer vent cleaning, that time might drop to 2 hours or less. With shorter drying times, the appliance shuts off and conserves energy while still drying the clothes to a perfect warmth.

The Safety Factor

Cleaning the vents saves energy, and it also contributes to the household’s safety. Regardless of your dryer’s fuel source, a fire can easily break out when the appliance heats up with too much lint stuck inside of it. A family can save money from a potential disaster by keeping the dryer clean. Elect to air dry the items and contact a professional if the dryer seems to be malfunctioning.

Family members might find it difficult to reach every area of the dryer during lint cleaning. As a simple solution, hire professionals who specialize in this appliance’s maintenance and care. They’ll be able to remove, vacuum and adjust all of the duct components with one or two appointments each year. A professional’s fees are worth the energy savings when it comes to thorough dryer vent cleaning.

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